Where the Locals Come to Eat!

23713 St. Michael’s Road
St. Michael’s, Maryland 21663
Phone: 410-745-9600

Lunch is served in the dining room from 11-4pm daily.

Dinner Entrees available all day and full menu (Lunch & Dinner) available in the bar and carry-out daily.

​*Prices subject to change without notice.


Turkey Club $7

B.L.T. $6

BBQ Pork $7

Grilled or Crispy 
Chicken $8

Hot Roast Beef $8

Cheesesteak $8

Grilled Reuben $7

French Dip $9

All sandwiches served on your choice of White, Wheat, Rye or Kaiser Roll with Chips.


Half – Pound Burgers

Hamburger $8

Cheeseburger $9

Topping Choices:
Lettuce, Tomato, Raw or Fried Onions, Green Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Mushrooms, Bacon, Pickles, Ketchup, Mustard or Mayo

Backfin Crab Cake $15

Imperial Crab Melt $15

Soft Crab* $11

Fresh Flounder $12

Fried Oyster* $11

Grilled Tuna* $9

Shrimp Salad $9

Chicken Salad $7

Tuna Salad $7