About Us

It was over 30 years ago that Joe and Nida Spurry proudly opened the doors of their Chesapeake Landing Restaurant and Seafood Market to the general public. Since then, this family run business has firmly established a strong reputation for serving up some of the best seafood dishes in the Mid Atlantic. Located about 2 ½ miles west of St. Michaels, Maryland, the Chesapeake Landing Restaurant and Seafood Market is much more than just another local Eastern Shore crab house. All of their steaks, beef and ½ lb. burgers are guaranteed Certified Angus Beef®. Their complete dinner menu also includes several popular chicken, baby back ribs and alfredo dishes, too. They even have a fully stocked fresh seafood market and carry out inside the restaurant that is also open 7 days a week.

​In the early 1980's, Joe Spurry Sr. was making a pretty good living as a crabber on the waterways of Maryland's Eastern Shore. Joe, who comes from a long line of Chesapeake Bay crabbers and watermen, was bringing in so many crabs at that time that he couldn't sell them all locally. So, he started delivering a lot of his extras in nearby Annapolis and Baltimore, MD. It wasn't long before the demand for good local Maryland seafood went through the roof and Joe eventually sold his boat and gave up crabbing to focus on his growing distribution business.